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Self Love Crystal Kit: Pink Amethyst, Amazonite & Rose Quartz


Rose Quartz: The stone of love and relationships. Opens the heart, inspiring inner healing and self-love. Stimulates our capacity to love, aiding in emotional relationships and the relationship we have with ourselves. Balances emotions, helps release resentments, stimulates forgiveness, and self-acceptance.

Pink Amethyst: Acts on the Heart Chakra - having the power to open and heal the heart, bringing love, harmony, compassion, and empathy. This stone is known for promoting inner peace, harmony, serenity, and love. Its energy brings a sense of deep calm, rejuvenation, and positivity.

Amazonite: Crystal of calm and loving communication, helps to prevent conflicts and misunderstandings. Perfects our personal expression not only through speech but also by soothing and calming the brain and nervous system.



It includes:

Pink Amethyst, Amazonite & Rose Quartz + My Magic Amulet’s Cotton Bag



**We will carefully select each stone by hand, all the gemstones are 100% natural, precious and unique, so may be there is a little difference between the ones you received and ones in the picture.

Self Love Crystal Kit

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