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It's common for silver jewelry to tarnish over time. There are various reasons for this, such as the presence of sulfur in our daily lives, whether in fuel gases or beauty products. When sulfur comes into contact with silver, it forms a layer of silver sulfide, causing the silver to darken. Sweat can also affect silver, as it contains water and dissolved minerals that facilitate the formation of this dark layer. Uric acid in our bodies also directly influences silver. Even when stored properly, silver can naturally oxidize over time, a process known as tarnishing. If this process doesn't occur, be suspicious of the authenticity of your silver.


To clean silver, we recommend using specific products like Monzi Silver Cleaner or our Magic Cloth, which help remove the dark layer and renew the shine of your jewelry.

Monzi Silver Cleaner usage instructions:


• Clean the dirt from the piece by washing it with neutral detergent and a toothbrush and rinsing it well;


• Place the piece in a glass or plastic container and pour Monzi over it until it is covered;


• Stir the container for about 10 seconds;


• Return Monzi to its original container, as it is reusable;


• Wash the piece again with neutral detergent and a toothbrush and rinse it;


• Dry the piece;


• Finish by using the Magic Cloth to have your piece shining again!!

Monzi Silver Cleaner + Magic Cloth

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