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And this is me, Gaby, being happy with my life, my choices and my dreams.

I was scrolling my photos today and then I stopped in this photo. I could feel and remember how happy I was in this photo, doing what I love and believing in my dreams.


















My Magic Amulet was born from my own self-healing journey.

My connection with crystals was the first tool I used to get more connected with myself and with the earth. I was always

wearing what I call “amulet” with a crystal (and still do), and it always helped so much. I always felt protected, guided and

loved just to touch my amulet and kind of feel I was not alone.

One day in the middle of a meditation I touched my crystal pendant and it came immediatelly in my mind

“I have to bring it to more people”.

My intention is that each piece here be to each of you a “amulet”, a “protective talisman”, that hold your intentions, h

elping you to be more connected with the earth and with your journey.

All the crystals here have been intuitively hand selected, each one comes with a sacred frequency to connect with the right person. Everything is recharged by palo santo and white sage to clear and amplify the intentions.

I truly hope any piece you choose here bring even more love and protection into your journey.

Thank you so much for connecting with me,

Lots of love,


My Magic Amulet 


Gabriela Kons My Magic Amulet’s Owner


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