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Crystals have the power of store and move energy through space or a person, in the Feng Shui we use them to shift and transform the energy of a space.


Once you start to work with crystals healing, you might be wondering if there are specific location in your home you could place each one. And the answer is yes, there are many spots in your home you can place them to get better energy from specific crystals.

Here is a guide to help you place your crystals in order to contribute to a good Feng Shui in your house.


〰️ Rose Quartz: Place in your bedroom to bring a sense of tranquility and vibrations of love, harmony and peace. It also improves sleep quality and relationships.

〰️ Amethyst: Place a piece on your bedside table to promote relaxation and serenity. It will aid in a number of sleep problems, purifies the mind, and clears it of negative thoughts.

〰️Black Tourmaline: Place it by your front door to create a shield of protection with the intention of keeping harmful energies from entering

〰️ Tiger’s eye: Place in the center of your home to create more groundedness and support intentions of good health

〰️ Carnelian: Place in your bedroom or living room to support energy levels and boost motivation and passion

〰️ Selenite: Place in the main corners of your house. It’s a powerful angelic stone, cleansing the aura field and helping to move energy in areas that are blocked.


If you are beginner and still looking for your Crystals you can find all these crystals in my Crystal Set Ritual Box here. 


Hope any choice you make raises your spirit and guides you to your inner path.

Thank you for connecting with us! 🙏🏼


Lots of love,


My Magic Amulet 🔮



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