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Our Radionics Manifesting Board was create to help us to manifest through the power of Geometry and its frequency.


It contains three Radionics Graphics (De-impregnation plate, Double Decagon plate and Prosperous Whirlwind), one citrine and one palo santo to help you to manifest abundance & prosperity in your journey.


Each plate has its purpose and all the montage together is used to amplify, potentiate, tune and activate the energy of the person and requests that are placed in it.


The Palo Santo serves to cleansing your space and your plates before starts the ritual. The Citrine, the stone of Abundance and Prosperity will amplify your intentions and your Manifestation Board.


It includes:


~ 3 Radionics Graphics

~ 1 Palo Santo

~ 1 Citrine Crystal

Radionics Manifesting Board


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