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Crystals are beautiful gifts from Mother Earth known for their healing properties. Through their powerful vibrations, stones healing act as a tool to raise, realign, and recalibrate your energy.

Remember that healing crystals can help raise your vibration, but they also absorb energy, so it’s essential to cleanse them periodically. Just like us, they need to rest and re-energize. 

As you nourish your crystals, they will nourish you.

This means that you need to cleanse each crystal to release any old, negative, or stuck energies it may be carrying.

There are multiple ways to cleanse a crystal, use your intuition to choose the process and timing the most resonates with you and your crystal.

Here are 6 Natural Ways for Cleansing and Recharge Crystals:

〰️ Sun: Place your crystals outside in the light of the sun for 4 hours or more

〰️ Full Moon: Place your crystals outside under the light of the full moon for 4 hours or more

〰️ Soil: Crystals can be buried in the earth, or even in a potted houseplant.

Let them rest for a day or even a moon cycle

〰️ Raining: Place your crystals outside under the raining for 1 hour or more

〰️ Smudging: Immerse your crystals in the smoky of burning sage or palo santo  for about 30 seconds

〰️ Other Crystals: Place your crystals on top of a piece of selenite or amethyst cluster for about 24 hours or more

It is recommended that you cleanse your crystal every time you set a new intention, or at least once every 30 days. When you incorporate these cleansing techniques your crystals will always be activated and vibrating at their highest potential.

**Note that some crystals gemstones can be damaged extended sunlight or being submerged in water. Do some research on your particular crystal before using these cleansing techniques.


If you are beginner and still looking for your Crystals and Sage you can find all here in my Crystal Set Ritual Box.


Hope any choice you make raises your spirit and guides you to your inner path.

Thank you for connecting with us! 🙏🏼

Lots of love,


My Magic Amulet 🔮



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